by Claudio Taddei
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Messaggerie Libri

The book is a historic and critical assessment of domestic and foreign U.S. politics since Obama years. The Trump presidency gets an unprecedented definition, in its achievements and in its hurdles. Donald Trump is the book’s protagonist. The other protagonist is the war on Trump. A Trump who doesn’t belong to politics, who goes for containing the globalism and the tyranny of the politically correct, who promises America first, and who is an unlikely president against whom the reaction is ferocious. For his enemies, Trump is a president to dismiss because he stands in the way of their control on society and mass communication. Trump’s reach in giving voice to the revolt of half America, and the reaction that it stirs in the other half, are accounted for with a wide range of cases. The book reviews and audits the stereotypes about Trump, as those about America. It reports events not known in Italy and unexplored everywhere, as the attacks of established powers to the traditional and reformist America and to whom stands for it in the media or universities or politics. The author records what he defines as a civil war in the society, of which he uncovers the extreme events and “the aggressive tribalism”.

Contemporary America’s (and Europe’s as well) crucial topics, such as immigration, welfare and other consequential matters, from healthcare to the spread of lethal drugs, from borders control to environmental choices, are explored and explained. In the same way are treated the foremost topics of foreign policy, with consideration of crisis regarding Ukraine, Iran, the Asia-Pacific region. Historic connections give wide range to present events. The American society, in its different realities of geography, income and daily coexistence, flows in front of the reader. Occurrences and political issues that may appear confused to an audience swayed by what the book decries as the misleading coverage of the media, are construed with patient and terse investigation.

Competent, compelling, distinguished, the book is a beacon for anybody willing to sail close to the knots of U.S. politics. The author proves again to be one of the Italian top expert in American politics. The book is a powerful and consistent survey, offered with straightforward language, of a stormy America, and of a not so stable or peaceful world.    



L'EREDITÀ DI OBAMA - 1. la società, 2. L'economia, 3. La Difesa, 4. La politica estera, 4.1 Iran, 4.2 Ucraina, 5 L'attesa di un nuovo presidente

ENTRA TRUMP - Il presidente imprevisto, 2. il GOP e Trump

LA GRANDE RIVOLTA - 1. Novembre 2016, 2. La squadra di Trump, 3. Federalismo americano

I TEMI CRUCIALI DELLA PRESIDENZA TRUMP - 1. Immigrazione, 2. Muro sul confine messicano: perché dite no?, 3. Immigrazione, 4. Sanità senza pace, 5. Commercio, America First. 6. Istruzione, 7. Variabili militari e cyber, 8. Ambiente

POLITICA ESTERA - 1. Trump e la politica estera, 2. La regione Asia-Pacifico, 3. Ucraina e Russia, 4. Iran, Israele, Afghanistan, 5. Qualche prospettiva

DENTRO LA GUERRA A TRUMP - 1. Successi e conflitti, 2. Economia e politica, 3. L'immigrazione e gli ostacoli a cambiare, 4. Sanità, dramma con molti atti, 5. Il traguardo della riforma fiscale

IL CAMMINO DI UNA NAZIONE DIVISA - 1. L'attacco a Trump, 2. L'industria delle accuse, 3. Stagioni tumultuose, 4. Il procuratore speciale, 5. Guerra civile nella società, 6. L'ottimismo come rito e come realtà, 7. Avere indietro il proprio paese