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    Il nuovo sogno americano e la reazione [The new American dream and the reaction]

    by Claudio Taddei

    The book is a historic and critical assessment of domestic and foreign U.S. politics since Obama years. The Trump presidency gets an unprecedented definition, in its achievements and in its hurdles. Donald Trump is the book’s protagonist. The other protagonist is…

  • Mito e realtà del magnifico nuovo mondo [Myth and reality of the brave new world]

    Having as pivot the domestic and the foreign U.S. policy, the book is a history of our time, mostly of what happened in 2013 and 2014, including the big crisis, from the war in Ukraine (of which it offers a global report) to the conflict with the jihadist group ISIS…

  • Colloquio con l'America [Conversation with America]

    Figure di uno stallo nella democrazia USA [Figures of the gridlock in the US democracy]

    The book is both a fresh analysis of US domestic and foreign politics and a dextrous report of the major economic and geostrategic issues of our time. The battle for the last vote in the 2012 elections; the analysis of the results; the fiscal crisis which the USA…

  • La coda della cometa [The comet's tail] by Claudio Taddei

    La coda della cometa [The comet’s tail]

    Failures and successes of the Obama's presidency

    This book takes a critical and in-depth look at Obama’s America and recounts its successes and failures covering the inner workings of politics and writing on events behind the scenes.  A tool to understand the global importance of the events of our times, from the…

  • [Frontier and Decline] by Claudio Taddei

    Frontier and Decline

    If the USA decides to continue as a world leader

    The United States is finding itself faced with some crucial choices as regards its fiscal and financial situation and in terms of its role in the world. The USA can maintain its position as a world leader, if it decides to do so. Otherwise it could slide towards a…

  • Il tempo di Obama [Obama’s Time] by Claudio Taddei

    Obama’s Time

    The Diary of a Beginning: the First Year

    A well-documented, passionate essay that puts the first year of the Obama presidency into historical perspective, along with all of the major topics connected to his economic and international policy: from the near financial collapse to the troubled issue of health…

  • The Lion’s Share by Claudio Taddei

    The Lion’s Share

    From September 11 to the Baghdad’s Gamble

    A wide-ranging reflection on America’s response to September 11 and the USA’s strategic thought. An analysis of American foreign policy and its dimensions, which illuminates the situation with vivid nods to some of its main figures, from George W. Bush to General…